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The first two letters are 'D' and 'E', or 'De' is the abbreviation of Deutschland. Basically it means Germany and we simply produce products based on the German standards. 

While the last three letters come up with the word 'AIR' which directly connect to the products that we produce which are AIR COMPRESSORS and compressed air treatment equipment. Other than that, the image of a leaf in the letter 'R' symbolizes low noise and energy-saving.

The three letters "NAI", in Chinese character, they are pronounced as "Nai", which means durable and it signifies that Denair products last long. 

The color of the logo which is green signifies that we want to create a silent and environment-friendly products for our clients.

In 1998,DENAIR set up a branch office in Shanghai, China to market compressor units which are made in Germany.

In 2006,Shanghai Denair Compressor Co., Ltd and Denair Compressor Manufacturing Co., Ltd in Shanghai were established to produce and market air compressor and air compressor spare parts.

In 2010,DENAIR set up an international trading company and began to export air compressors and mining equipments worldwide. And until now, DENAIR products have been exporting to more than 151 countries in South America, North America, Asia, Oceania, Africa and Europe.

In 2013,DENAIR application for China National laboratory of Energy Efficiency was approved by China National Institute of Standardization. It signifies that DENAIR has made a big step forward in engaging to energy-saving work.

In 2016,Denair Energy Saving Technology (Shanghai) PLC. has been established as a listed company. It signifies that DENAIR has ushered in a new birth of rapid growth.

DENAIR Compressor LOGO
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