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DRF Series Roots Vacuum Pump

DRF Series Roots Vacuum Pump Features:

DRF series roots vacuum pump is a technically mature vacuum pumping equipment, which help fore vacuum pump expand its working range under low inlet pressure condition after combing with fore vacuum pump.

  • Improve vacuum degree

System vacuum degree could be enhanced to one order of magnitude higher if equipping with roots vacuum pump. If with 2 stage roots vacuum pump, performance could be even higher.

  • Increase pumping speed

A pair of rotors of roots pump doesn’t contact with each other while rotating in high speed mode, which means small size roots pump also can be with high pumping speed. Fore vacuum pump can pump large capacity air in low speed by selecting suitable roots pump, obviously reducing energy consumption comparing with single fore vacuum pump with same speed.

  • Oil free

No oil in pump chamber of roots pump, no pollution on the pumped medium.

Superior character

With transmission system adopting flexible hydraulic device - a kind of high-efficiency power transmission method, DRF series roots vacuum pump is with compact structure and superior characters as below:

  • Under reducing bypass pipes and valves installed or leaving inverter out designing condition, vacuum pump could acquire much better pumping effect than traditional booster pump, significantly saving production cost of hardware and decreasing the controlling requirement.
  • Hydraulic transmission device could automatically adjust pumping speed, motor will not be overloading or overheating even pumps work under high pressure condition.
  • Comparing with traditional direct driven, Roots vacuum pump will not get damaged even while inlet pressure changes in a sudden or aspiring foreign matter, stop failure rate can be much reduced.
  • At atmospheric pressure, DRF series roots vacuum pump can start with fore vacuum pump in the same time but motor will not be overloading, which can work for pumping process in earlier stage, shortening visibly pumping time, especially applying to applications which require for fast pumping speed.
  • Running in very smooth way, tiny vibration
  • Reliable bearing sealing structure which ensures that no lubricant in pump chamber
  • No bypass and valves, easy and simple maintainence.

DRF Series Roots Vacuum Pump Application:

  • Industry: medical technology, industrial leakage detecting, electron beam welding, vacuum isolating, lamps&tubes manufacturing, heating processing,vacuum drying, lyophilization, vacuum furnace, metallurgical engineering.
  • R&D: nuclear research, melt technology, plasma research, tevatron, spatial simulation, low temperature research, elementary particle physics, nanotechnology, biotechnology.
  • Coating&Metallization: FPD(flat-panel display), LED/OLED, hard disk coating, photovoltaic cell, glass-type coating, CD-DVD-Blue ray, optical filming, wear-resistant coating.
  • Semiconductor: photoetching, printing & graphic arts, physical vapor deposition, chemical vapor deposition, plasma etching, ion implantation, beam injection, viewing, gluing, molecular beam epitaxy.
Model Unit R300 R500 R750 R1000 R2200 R3600
Type Unit 50HZ
Nominal Pumping Speed m3/h 300 540 750 1000 2200 3600
Nominal pumping Speed L/S 83 150 208 278 611 1000
Ultimate total pressure Pa <2 <1
Motor power kw 1.5/2.2 3.0/4.0 7.5/11
Motor speed rpm 2900
Noise db(A) 64 68 73
Inlet  DN ISO63 ISO100 ISO160 ISO160 ISO160 ISO250
Outlet  DN ISO40 ISO63 ISO100 ISO100 ISO100 ISO100
A end oil capacity Liter 1.5 2.4 6.8
B end oil capacity Liter 0.8 1.3 3.7
Sealing oil capacity Liter 0.13 0.15
Cooling water connection Inch 1/4" 3/8"
Weight kg 79 92 130 155 330 410
Dimensions mm 783*323*324 863*323*304 932*330*384 992*330*384 1125*522*519 1365*522*519

*) Specifications are subject to change without prior notice

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