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Why choose DENAIR air compressor?

Why choose DENAIR air compressor? As far as I know, all customers care about three points: Price, Quality and After-sale service. I briefly present to you these three points.

About price. Our brand DENAIR is high-middle brand, we imported most of components from Germany. So we can't compare with lower brand in price whose compressor are made in China and don't have good quality. But if we compare with Atlas, Ingersoll Rand or other international brand, we have some advantages compared with them. But you know,we should make sure they are real Atlas and Ingersoll Rand. And we will also give you best price to you.

Why choose DENAIR air compressor

About quality. We have produced the compressor more than 20 years, we go to Germany to learn the advanced technology in a regular time. Actually, we have exported more than 136 countries until now, please check the attachment to find complimentary remarks from our customers all over the world. There are some customers from high altitude area like South America and high temperature area like Africa, we haven't received any complaints about bad quality from them.

About after-sale service: Firstly, we have the newest technology to produce our product. We have our own QC department to guarantee our product's quality. We will test and make sure everything is OK with our air compressor before delivery the goods to you. Secondly, we have much experience to serve our customers all over the world.

As you know, it is unavoidable for us to appear some bad things on air compressor after long run. But you don't need to worry a lot. We have our own engineers responsible for after-sale service. If necessary, we can send our engineers to do after-sale service for our customers in your country. If you can be our distributor in future, We can also train your engineers to be more and more professional to do after-sale service in your company We will also invite you to accept more train about products in our company.

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