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DENAIR 315KW dry type oil free compressor for Hanhua group

This is a big potential project from Hannover Messe 2019.

DENAIR group attended the Hannover Messe, from 1th to 5th, April. With this pleasure, DENAIR dry type oil free compressor (DWW-90, 90kw/120hp, 13.55m3/min, 10bar) and high pressure screw compressor (DVAH-110-35, 110kw/150hp, 5.2~10.4m3/min, 40bar) were showed to global customers in this international exhibition in Europe hall.

Dry type oil free compressor and high pressure screw compressor are two most powerful products of DENAIR group.

315KW dry type oil free compressor,oil free compressor for Hanhua group

Dry type oil free compressor, with original GHH air end, special 3stage oil sealing technology, 100% oil free certificated by German TUV group.

High pressure screw compressor, with original German DENAIR two stage screw air end, the high technology with highest 40bar pressure especially for blowing industry.

At exhibition, DENAIR compressors and technology are highly appreciated by global customers and Europe brands competitors, Chinese products are going out country to global countries.

For this 315kw compressor, it will be used for Hanhua Crecho company for blowing machines, their used compressors are Atlas Copco, Almig and Ingersoll Rand, which are international high position brands.

After watching DENAIR compressors at exhibition, the end user decided to give this chance to DENAIR group, and we of course will prove their right decision by quality!

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