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Opening ceremony of DENAIR new factory

On 20th September 2019, DENAIR new factory open ceremony went ahead as scheduled in Xindai town Pinghu city Zhejiang province.

Opening ceremony of DENAIR new factory

The participants are as follows:

Mayor QianYongbin , Town chief Pan Jialin and leaders from Pinghu city and Xindai town government. At the same time, including our customer representatives and loyal supplier partners.

Opening ceremony of DENAIR new factory

With the continuous expansion, insufficient production capacity has restricted the development of DENAIR. We are keenly aware that we must establish our own flexible production base from the perspective of long-term sustainable development.

Opening ceremony of DENAIR new factory

In August 2017, we began to contact with the Xindai Town Government and received a positive response from the leaders of the Xindai Town Government. During the pre-project and project approval period, Mayor Qian Yongbin even visited DENAIR for project research and personal coordination. Relevant leaders and departments of Xindai Town actively coordinated land allocation and assisted in various reporting procedures. In September 2018, the DENAIR production base was successfully started, it was completed and put into operation in only one year.

DENAIR started from general oil injected screw air compressors and gradually developed into current business which is covering centrifugal compressors, oil-free air compressors, CNG compressor and heat pump, etc., total seven categories. And our product sales and service network could cover the whole world market with annual revenue of more than 50 million USD.

After this new factory with area 26,500 square meters putting into function, DENAIR will have an annual production capacity of 5,000 sets of large-scale high-end fluid machinery, with an annual production capacity of 120 million USD sales value. 7 leans production lines including centrifugal compressor designed according to European process standards and performance testing center maximize the improvement of DENAIR’s production efficiency and product quality to better meet customer needs.

Opening ceremony of DENAIR new factory

The opening ceremony went well, and at the end of the opening ceremony, all guests visited our new factory.

We believe that under the care and support of the government, with the support and trust of our customers, and with the support and cooperation of our suppliers and friends, DENAIR's future will be better.

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