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We will Win the Anti-virus Battle

In January 2020, the novel coronavirus outbreaked in wuhan, spread rapidly throughout the country. Since the disease breakout, provinces and cities help each other. The vast majority of medical workers work day and night without fear of infection. Many volunteers came forward, selfless dedication, build a solid wall of virus isolation. Enterprises have also moved aggressively, either working overtime to produce Medical supplies, regardless of profit or loss, or donating urgently needed medical supplies and cash to tide them over. DENAIR company has made positive contributions to the fight against the Wuhan novel coronavirus.

To provide the best performance, the best service of the air compressor system, help anti-epidemic hospital to enhance the fighting capacity.

In February 7th, a major disease resistance hospital emergency in Wuhan needed a high temperature hot aseptic air compressor system for medical waste disposal, after received this information, DENAIR connected with logistics in hurry, the equipment arrived at the hospital on the same day, and in the complete equipment debugging to ensure that the equipment is used for the first time. 

We will Win the Anti-virus Battle


In February 18th, DENAIR, together with a well-known medical system equipment provider in Shenzhen has provided 6 sets of DENAIR compressor systems for 24-hour use in the first-line anti-epidemic hospitals. After the equipment installed and used, DENAIR will provide service engineers to service the 6 sets of compressor systems one by one.

We will Win the Anti-virus Battle

As for the demand for equipment directly or indirectly used to fight against epidemic diseases, DENAIR has a unified understanding, disregard of the production cost and logistics cost, provides the most timely delivery and the best service maintenance guarantee.

Actively donate money to get through the difficulties

After the outbreak of novel coronavirus, DENAIR actively contacted PingHu charity association and donated 180,000 Yuan.

Strictly in accordance with epidemic prevention requirements, actively organized and controlled production.

In February 17, political consultative conference party secretary of PingHu city Shi Yunliang with Yangtze river delta science and technology city Pinghu park deputy secretary of the party committee, mayor Pan Jalin, visited DENAIR to inspect and guide the enterprise to resume work epidemic prevention work, DENAIR will implement strict epidemic prevention measures.

We will Win the Anti-virus Battle

After the resumption of work, DENAIR carried out epidemic prevention and control in strict accordance with the requirements of the local government for epidemic prevention, always adhering to the epidemic prevention and the safety of employees first, and strictly implemented all epidemic prevention and control measures to coordinate the resumption of production.

No winter will not pass,no spring will not come. All colleagues at DENAIR always pay attention to the epidemic situation, only wish the epidemic will soon end, wish the patient a speedy recovery!

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