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Sudan customer the biggest refrigerator factory visited DENAIR group

Through his close friend in China, the customer learned about the DENAIR air compressor. During the early communication, Johny learned that the customer is the largest refrigerator manufacturer in Sudan. The purpose of this purchase is to meet the needs of the new production line, except for an air compressor, a set of after treatment device is required.

the biggest refrigerator factory visited DENAIR group

In addition, there are 2 units boge air compressors in the factory already. Due to the high maintenance cost and the unsatisfactory service, the customer wants to change a new air compressor supplier.

The air compressor is required to be 90Kw, and air working pressure is 8bar, 3PH/50HZ input voltage. According to this information, Johny made two proposals for him. The plan A is the DENAIR fixed speed screw air compressor DA-90, and the plan B is the DENAIR variable frequency screw air compressor DVA-90, plus after treatment equipment: refrigerated air dryer, three-stage filter C. T. A, air receiver tank.

the biggest refrigerator factory visited DENAIR group

On April 22, the guests came to our company, visited various areas of our factory, spare parts warehouse, production assembly line of various air compressors, as well as testing, packaging, delivery areas. The client speak highly of Denair group’s comprehensive ability. During the conversation, he said that the temperature in the summer in Sudan is quite high, generally 50 degrees Celsius, so the air compressor must run well in this environment. In view of the fact that our company has more high-temperature environmental working cases, the guest is full of confidence in the DENAIR air compressor. After the meeting, the customer indicated that they would add additional maintenance parts and 300 litres of air compressor oil on the basis of the original purchase.

In the afternoon, Johny drove the guests back to the hotel for 2 hours, and in the evening he will fly back to Sudan.

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