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DP series Oil Injected Screw Vacuum Pump

DP series Oil Injected Screw Vacuum Pump

DP series Oil Injected Screw Vacuum Pump Advantages:

Low Rotor Ratation Speed

  • DP series vacuum pump is extremely quiet-Produc ts for the lowe st noise 69dB(A)-it can be installed next to the pump around the operator's main device,Ensuring high relibility and long life cycle of the product.ts.high efficient oil-air separation system.Ensuring that the products,of high reliability and long life cycle.oil content of the compressed air under 3 ppm.

General Motor

  • DP vacuum durable.high reliability and comfigured servo motor features high coe fficient of ensuring a long product life.

Vacuum Pump Air Inlet Dirctly Mounted Modular Valve

  • It enables the device to adjust according to the actual needs of the product preformance.
  • Reduce the impact of fluctuations in the operation of the device on the system.
  • By reducing the product starts/stops,re duced wear and shorten product maintenance cycle.

Soundproof Enclosure

  • The noise levels to a minimum 69dB(A),Optimize the product appearance.

Efficient Oil Separator

  • Filter easily replaced,reducing reflux and optimize.product performance.
  • With minimal maintenance times to ensure product life.
  • Allow product near atmospheric pressure range,acoid installing additional accessories.

Oil Can Be Set Thermostats

  • Avoiding condensation of water,particularly in a specific environment,pollution tank.
  • For wet application on the compressor element of condensate,provide continuous performance.

DP series Oil Injected Screw Vacuum Pump Application

Reliable Vacuum For Complex Applications

DP series vacuum pump is the best solution for vacuum printing, electronics, plastics, packaging, wood processing, bottles, cans and other similar industry complex application program.

Model Motor Power
Pumping Speed
Extreme Pressure
 Voltage / Ingress Protection 
Driving Mode Lubricant Capacity
Start Mode Overall Dimensions
Air Outlet Pipe Diameter
DP-4/2 4 132 0.5/50 380V/IP54 Belt Driven 10 Y-Δ 950×950×1100 500 DN50
DP-11/7 11 426 0.5/50 380V/IP54 Coupling Driven 25 1450×950×1200 1000 DN65
DP-15/9 15 540 0.5/50 380V/IP54 25 2300×1300×1600 1200 DN80
DP-18/12 18.5 720 0.5/50 380V/IP54 50 2300×1300×1600 1500 DN80
DP-22/16 22 960 0.5/50 380V/IP54 50 2400×1400×1700 1700 DN100
DP-30/18 30 1080 0.5/50 380V/IP54 50 2400×1400×1700 2000 DN100
DP-37/26 37 1560 0.5/50 380V/IP54 80 2400×1400×1800 2500 DN100
DP-55/40 55 2400 0.5/50 380V/IP54 100 2500×1800×2100 3500 DN150
DP-75/49 75 2940 0.5/50 380V/IP54 120 2800×1800×2100 4000 DN150
DP-90/59 90 3540 0.5/50 380V/IP54 140 2800×1800×2100 4200 DN200
DP-110/80 110 4800 0.5/50 380V/IP54 160 3000×2000×2100 4500 DN200

*) Specifications are subject to change without prior notice

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