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Air Compressor for Textile

The compressed air is used for cleaning the loom, spindle and other equipments in the cotton texitle factory. When trimming the cottom thread, compressed air helps to clean the press machine and slasher and packing. In other textile factories, compressed air is used for stirring, lifting and moving and mould or shrinking , humidifing the goods, automatically control the steam and water level, starting the engine and operating the accumulator. The thread of pinhole is controlled by compressed air to improve the flocci of blanket from 45% to 95%.

In cap factory, air compressor is used for trimming the velvet hats, cleaning the machineries and driving the press machines. When manufacturing the lady’s underwear, the compressed air helps to drive the cutting tools and inflating the bra and pad.

If the textile machines only require 3 to 5bar working pressure, the low pressure air compressor is the best choice to save the power.

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