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Air Compressor for Cement

Portland cement industry is one of the biggest consumers for compressed air, the compressed air is mainly used for transporting in the cement factory.

In many dry-treatment plants, the raw materials are transported and mixed by air compressor and then become the accurate chemical composition.

In many wet-treatment plants, the compressed air is used for mixing the mud and keep the well-proportioned mixture and mineral substance in suspension liquid. In order to reduce the fuel consumption, many factories use the filters of air compressor or vacuum pump to dry the mud. And the air compressor helps ventilation of warehouse to ensure the powder material free flow and exhausting.

A plenty of low pressure compressed air is needed when manufacturing the cement. Air compressor provides fuel and combustion air for kiln, whatever the pulverized coal combustion or oil combustion. The cement clinker is quenched by a lot of compressed air, lower the temperature from 2500 degree fahrenheit to 150 degree fahrenheit to improve the quality of cement, heat recovery and lower the temperature of cement clinker confirming to the temperature for grinding. Currently, the low pressure screw air compressors are very popular in cement industry for energy saving.

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