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Air Compressor for Pharmacy Industry

The antibiotic is a kind of miraculous cure for many disease. A lot of compressed air is needed during the fermentation process when producing the antibiotic. It is very important for an air compressor to supply oxygen for microorganism during the manufacturing processes of medicine.

Air compressor is also the auxiliary equipment to help transimitting and drying for the spray dryer. Concentrated liquid is jetted the diffuser to become the hot air flow, and then the moisture is evaporated, the rest of solid power will be put into the collector.

Compressed air is also used for packing of medicine. In pharmaceutical factory, medicine in powder is blown into the thin fibrous capsule. Compressed air also helps to fill and seal all kinds of plastic container.

DENAIR oil free air compressors are the necessary auxiliary equipment for pharmaceutical machineries to ensure the clean and safe compressed air.

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