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Air Compressor for Mining

Air compressors are widely used in all kinds of mines and play an important role in helping miners’ job to be easier, more safe and higher efficiency. The main applications of mining air compressor including: driving air tools, such as jack hammer, air pick, screwdriver, etc., driving the drilling rigs, ventilation, driving drainage facility, filtrating dust, pneumatic hoist and fill slurry machines, driving pumps, Steel sheath pipe pile driver, loading the ore, fill cracks with cement, running punching machine and radial percussive coal cutter, spreading powder to prevent from explosion, remove mine methane to ensure safety.

Generally the mines are located in high altitude and remote area,the challenages are very difficult for the transporation and maintenance of air compressor and the air delivery will be less due to the high altitude. Considering the special working condition of mines, DENAIR designs and manufactures the diesel portable rotary screw air compressors with Germany air end and heavy-duty CUMMINS diesel engine to ensure long service life with maximun durability and get larger air delivery.

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