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DENAIR new air compressors are highlight at the 27th CIHF

On Mar. 31 to Apr. 2 2015, DENAIR took part in the 27th China International Hareware Fare in Shanghai China. We showed 7 kinds of air compressors on our booth:

DENAIR New Air Compressors are Highlight At The 27th CIHF

DA-15+ EEI 1 direct driven screw air compressor 20hp
DA-90+ EEI 1 direct driven screw air compressor 90kw
DWW-45A Dry type oil free screw air compressor 60hp
DAV-22A Permanent magnet VSD air compressor 30hp
DACY-10/8 Diesel portable screw air compressor 8bar 400cfm
DWW-4S Scroll oil-free air compressor 100psi
DG-1/250 High pressure piston air compressor 250bar

DENAIR New Air Compressors are Highlight At The 27th CIHF

These high end air compressors signify DENAIR powerful products development and cutting-edge air compressor technology which prove DENAIR’s market leadership in the air compressor industry. Many visitors such as air compressor dealers or users were attracted by a variety of DENAIR air compressor and talked about the cooperation with our factory. China Association of Air Compressor had a site interview with DENAIR chief engineer Steven Sheng, Steven Sheng said DENAIR will keep the continuous innovation to develop more energy saving solutions that create value for our customers.

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