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DENAIR Double screw air compressor energy efficiency level standard compare

Energy efficiency level means the energy efficiency consumption rating of double screw air compressor, the first level is highest standard and most save electricity energy, the higher standard is second level, and so on! Energy efficiency label is attached to the product of a kind of information, special used to represent the level of energy-saving, energy consumption and other indicators. At present, over 100 countries have implemented energy efficiency labeling system. Air compressor energy efficiency rating is divided into a total of 1, 2, 3 levels, level 1 indicates that the product has reached the international advanced level, most energy-saving, and lowest energy consumption; Level 2 shows a comparison of energy-saving; level 3 indicates the energy efficiency of the product is the average of the market.

Double screw air compressor, screw air compressor energy efficiency level

Energy efficiency standards and energy efficiency labeling has been shown to reduce energy consumption in the most cost-effective way, at the same time will bring tremendous environmental benefits,also provide consumers with a positive return.Recent research results show that the formulation and effective implementation of the new standard of energy efficiency, will have a greatly improved of the energy-saving of products and consumer’s consciousness of energy conservation.

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