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How to solve the speed limit of the portable air compressor?

As well known, in order to ensure the performance of the portable air compressor, the design of the diesel portable air compressors is based on the low speed, generally 20 kilometers per hour.

How to solve the speed limit of the portable air compressor

But, if our customer requests that the speed of the portable air compressor is relatively high, more than 20 kilometers per hour, how should we solve it?

I have a Belgium customer who wants to purchase DENAIR's DACY-5/7 series, that is diesel portable air compressors, and they want the compressor to reach the speed that can be driven on the highway. But as mentioned above, to ensure the performance, the portable air compressors can't reach such a high speed. After communicating with our customers, we recommended to transport the compressors directly without wheels, then they can put the air compressor on the trailer, to reach the speed that they want. Finally, our customer strongly agrees with our proposal and reach our pleasant cooperation. Also, we believe that our compressors will definitely bring the results that customers want, and when our customers receive the compressor and test it, we will update the news for you again.

On the other hand, for customers in some countries, the compressors without the wheels will reduce the corresponding import tariffs, which is also a good news for the customers.

So, if you have a similar problem in the future, do you know how to solve it now?

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