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Air compressor system installation guide

Layout Considerations for a Reliable, Energy Efficient, and Safe Compressed Air System.

Location: Placement Affects Performance

Extreme temperatures (hot or cold), moisture, and airborne contaminants can significantly affect compressor durability and air quality. For these reasons, we recommend installing compressors indoors. Because compressor noise is often cited as a reason to place compressors outdoors, DENAIR air compressors come standard with full enclosures designed to significantly reduce noise levels.

Ventilation: Options to Ensure Proper Cooling and Equipment Longevity

Air Compressor System Installation Guide

The fresh air inlet needs to be sized appropriately for the equipment to avoid creating negative pressure in the room. Thermostatically controlled louvers should be installed at the source of inlet air and where exhaust is discharged to protect units from extreme cold when not running or running under low load.

Compressor System Installation Guide

Electrical Supply: Important Warnings to Follow

Before installing the compressor, check to ensure that your electrical service voltage matches the voltage on the compressor nameplate and ensure that it is internally wired for the proper Voltage.

Actual operating voltage must be within +/- 10% of compressor nameplate voltage. Damage or failures due directly or indirectly to insufficient or excessive voltage may not be covered under warranty.

Air Purity and Treatment: Ensuring Proper Air Quality

The layout below would meet the compressed air quality needs typical for packaging, paint spraying, or most compressed air systems. As with the previous layout, the liquid separator is placed after the compressor (which has a built-in aftercooler) for liquid removal.

The oil coalescing filter after the refrigerated dryer removes oil aerosols and remaining liquids and well as fine particles.

The Air Main Charging Valve protects the air treatment components while the air network is pressurized.

Air Compressor System Installation Drawing

Piping: Materials and Installation Considerations

The correct sizing of pipework is important to provide ample flow and steady pressure to all points of use. Pipe diameter dramatically impacts pressure drop. Pipe bends are an additional source of friction losses in compressed air piping. You will notice that pressure drop due to friction increases with flow.

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