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Routine maintenance for oil-injected rotary compressor

The following are typical minimum maintenance requirements.

Routine Maintenance For Rotary Air Compressor

Periodically/Daily (8 Hours Maximum)

  • Monitor all gauges and indicators for normal operation.
  • Check lubricant level and top off as necessary.
  • Check for lubricant leaks.
  • Check for unusual noise or vibration.
  • Drain water from air/lubricant reservoir.
  • Drain control line filter.



  • Check safety valve operation.



  • Service air filter as needed (daily or weekly if extremely dusty conditions exist).
  • Wipe down entire unit to maintain appearance.
  • Check drive motor amps at compressor full capacity and design pressure.
  • Check operation of all controls.
  • Check operation of lubricant scavenger/return system. Clean, as necessary.



  • Go over unit and check all bolts for tightness.
  • Change air/lubricant separator.
  • Change air filter.
  • Lubricate motors per manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Check safety shutdown system. Contact authorized service person.

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