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DENAIR Water-lubricated Oil Free Screw Air Compressor for Petrochemical Industry in Hong Kong

DENAIR is a professional manufacturer in providing the superior quality air compressors, especially as the leader for oil free screw compressors in China.

As we all know Atlas Copco is one of the most famous compressor brands in global with over 100 years history, many customers purchased their products in the past. BUT everything is changing in China, FYI DENAIR is a younger brand over 20 years, however we can provide the high quality product that is equivalent of Atlas Copco which has been authorized by global clients because of good machines and excellent service at the favorable price.

Oil Free Screw Air Compressor for Petrochemical Industry

One customer from Hong Kong, they are using Atlas Copco product which is oil free screw air compressor for 20 years, it should have been very impressive. Due to bad experience and service, at this time they bought DENAIR water-lubricated oil free air compressor *2 Units (200KW/275HP) for petrochemical plant to produce Plastic particles-Polyethylene materials.

DENAIR products and service enjoyed customers’ good reputation, they are going to go ahead more in future. International standard test process for oil free compressors were accepted by them. All data would satisfy with their requirement, included performance, noise, stability, etc.

We are proud of DENAIR.

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