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Why DENAIR permanent magnet variable speed drive air compressor more energy saving

DENAIR permanent-magnet variable-frequency air compressor main component with high-efficiency permanent magnet motor + frequency converter + DENAIR made air end.

The screw main unit and the high efficiency permanent magnet motor share with one shaft, rotors with permanent magnets are mounted directly on the male rotor's convex shaft, delivering efficiency is 100%, which other traditional motors can not achieve.

permanent magnet variable speed drive air compressor

Traditional air compressors adjust the air flow by changing the air intake valve.

Compare to traditional flow regulation method, the VSD air compressor adjust air flow by changing the rotation speed of the compressor.

The high-efficiency permanent-magnet variable-frequency motor is not only highly efficient but also has a simple structure, reliable operation, smaller size and more lighter.

It can achieve high performance (such as special efficiency, special high speed, high response speed) that cannot be achieved by traditional motors.

At present, DENAIR high-efficiency permanent magnet frequency conversion motor is the best choice for electrical screw air compressor. More efficient and energy-saving than ordinary three-phase asynchronous variable-frequency motor, which can save more power for our end users.

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