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DENAIR oil free scroll air compressor for hospital

As we know, food, chemical, and medical industry have a really high demand on compressed air.

That’s the main reason that we choose oil free type air compressor for these industries.

As for medical industry, especially, hospital which not only have a high request on compressed air Cleanliness and also have a high demand on noise and vibration, and volume.

oil free scroll air compressor for hospital

Therefore, small volume, superior cleanliness and dry compressed air, and low noise are the main features of oil free scroll air compressor. Therefore, the manufacturer only can produce small capacity compressor for oil scroll series, mainly from 3.7kw to 37kw, 5hp to 50hp.

DENAIR Oil free scroll air compressor can supply 100% oil free air compressor for hospital and meet their full harsh requirements on compressed air and compressor itself.

Because of oil free, therefore, the series compressor has a high demand on the compressed air treatment equipment, it needs to match heatless or heated type desiccant air dryer which can be up to a very low dew point and stainless steel air filter and air tank.

DENAIR is the leading manufacturer of all kinds of compressor, especially oil free air compressor.

DENAIR just shipped two sets oil free scroll air compressor in Myanmar’s hospital application.

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