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Air Compressor for Supporting Color Sorter

Air Compressor for Supporting Color Sorter

"Three Steps" for matched system between Color Sorter and Air Compressor

1.The preparation before Color Sorter start.

(1), clear the rice and chaff powder in the hopper and channel.

(2), start air compressor and other equipment.

(3), confirm the pressure is not lower than 0.5Mpa, Through pressure regulating valve, the pressure is about 0.25Mpa.

(4), check whether sorting glass is clean and the camera is covered with dust.

(5), check and drain the water from filter.

2. Steps to start color sorter

(1), press the green button on the machine, color sorter will have power to start.

(2), color sorter will automatically select mode saved last time.

(3) After the machine starts, the Swiss-based micro-color camera will automatically detect, and the color sorter will work normally in about 1 minute.

(4), standby warm-up for 5-20 minutes.

(5), Press button, it will turn red to indicate its operation, then press button, it will turn red to start sorter.

3. Shutdown steps for color sorter

(1), press button, then the button turns blue and the vibrator stops feeding.

(2), press button, then the button turns blue and the valve power is turned off.

(3), press button, it shows whether we shut down the system and save data.

(4), clean the machine and turn it off.

(5), exhaust air and drain water.

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