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DENAIR first flower beauty pageant

In order to build one friendly and harmonious environment in our office, We DENAIR Foreign Sales hold “Friendly Flowers” activity on 2017-07-22.

DENAIR VSD Double Screw Air Compressor In Brazil

Activity principle: Every one choosed their partner at random through drawing lots, then the one need prepare the most suitable flower to the other one within this week. Everyboday took thier flowers to office this Saturday, we made our speech at the platform: Why I bought this flower to whom; What’s this flower’s name and language; how to grow this flower etc. After that, the other one accepted flower and made modern fancywork together along with fashional music.The last but not the least, we elected the best flower.

DENAIR VSD Double Screw Air Compressor In Brazil

Commonly we are professional and prompt to foreigh customer about Air Compressor, Air Dryer, Air Filters, After this activity, we found our another life technique: we also could sell flowers, haha....DENAIR Sales Team help each other to progress together, we are grateful to every colleague, we are in DENAIR, we are like one family, we will make our family more beautiful, that’s the key why we hold this activity.

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