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Syria customer visited DENAIR screw air compressor factory

On 18th April 2018, we warmly welcome Mr. Ghaith who comes from Syria visited DENAIR screw air compressor factory, he won the tender of 250kw VSD rotary screw air compressor for a government tender, and this time he came to confirm the specification and delivery works with DENAIR, in this visiting period, Mr. Ghaith speaks highly of DENAIR management and our quality control system, and he said we will continue this air compressor business in Syria market with a stable relationship.

The air compressor information as below:

1, DVA-250 VSD Screw air compressor

2, DAD-40HTF Refrigerated air dryer

3, C/T/A filters

4, C-3.0/1.0 Air tank

5, One year maintenance kit

DENAIR screw air compressor factory

Welcome more and more friends come to DENAIR screw compressor factory in the future.

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