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DENAIR energy saving screw air compressor interested by Bangladesh clients

As we all know, it can be divided into 3 classes for Energy Efficiency Index, EEI1, EEI2, EEI3. EEI1 is the most energy saving screw air compressor with double stage air end, save at least 15-10% energy consumption than EEI2. Bangladesh is a developing country which has many industries needed to grow, so energy saving become the first factor for their choice.

DENAIR energy saving air compressor,energy saving screw air compressor

DENAIR EEI1 screw compressors have many useful features:

Lower compression ratio

For example, 8.5bar, EEI1 VS EEI2

EEI 1 2.4/1+8.5/2.4

As we know, the pressure rises every 1 bar, the energy consumption increases 7%.

Energy Saving

DENAIR energy efficient  air compressors help improve client’s profitability as well as save the environment. Dedicated hybrid solutions for large installations.

Reliable compressed air is crucial in advanced textile manufacturing processes today. Decades of partnering with the world’s leading textile manufacturers has given us a keen sense of what is exactly required in the textile industry, for many different applications. DENAIR high quality compressed air protects client’s equipment from damage, avoids oil contaminating your precious end-products and it will keep your hard-won reputation safe. It will increase your uptime and productivity, across many applications:

Long service intervals

Optimize client’s production with extended service intervals minimizing down time, and increasing client’s productivity and profitability.

With DENAIR Screw compressor, your high quality production can be get promised.

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