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Singapore cooperate visited DENAIR group for DACY-27/10 cummins engine portable air compressor

We have been spent meaningful one day to have Mr.Zheng came on site to visit. It’s great honored that they trusting DENAIR, and sharing the common understanding of the air compressors and to exchange some thoughts about the models. Very happy and appreciated that we could have the chance to do that.

Mr.Zheng is one of our VIP clients in Singapore, for this trip, he came to our site to discuss the future cooperation of the portable air compressor, which will be used in their multinational project (Singapore, The Philippine, Malaysia, Vietnam and etc.,) of gas and oil industry.

For the initial project, they purchase 4 units of DACY-27/10 (27m3/min at 10bar) cummins engine portable air compressor, and 2 units of DACY-5/7 (5 m3/min at 7bar) cummins engine portable air compressor. Both of these two models meet the national emission standard TIER III.

At DENAIR, we earn our customer's trust and satisfaction by manufacturing the superior quality compressed air products for all industries. All of our products are designed for reliable performance and easy maintenance.

cummins engine portable air compressor,portable air compressor DACY-27/10

Model information:

DACY-27/10 4 units

Air flow: 27 m3/min

Working pressure: 10bar

Engine make: Cummins

Emission standard: TIER III

DACY-5/7 2 units

Air flow: 5 m3/min

Working pressure: 7bar

Engine make: Cummins

Emission standard: TIER III

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