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DENAIR 7days training for air compressor technology

Long-Term development is the business style of DENAIR.

As a public company, DENAIR always focus much on improving sales engineers skill and technology knowledge, how to service customers better, cooperating between group and DENAIR peoples own quality.Keep learning and innovating is one of DENAIR’s core value.

air compressor technology,DENAIR air compressor technology

Last week, 22 sales engineers from DENAIR domestic offices and 7 overseas market sales engineers had participated an Technology and Communication skill 7days training in DENAIR factory.

air compressor technology,DENAIR air compressor technology

This training was departed into two parts, in first two days, DENAIR managers trained us about Oil Free air compressors and Energy saving two stage compressors technology, showed us how air compressor works and produced in workshops. In the next days, we have learned how to have Better communication with customers, including how to introduce DENAIR high end position brand, company, products and DENAIR business policy.

air compressor technology,DENAIR air compressor technology

After this 7days training, we also visited our New 40000 square meters under construction factory, which was located in Zhejiang province to have more spaces for producing, stocking, and more business potential in future.

As on part of DENAIR group, we have enough confidence in DENAIR future and products

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