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DENAIR DA-55 Screw Compressor used for Rig Plant in Kuwait

Kuwait is a rich country for abundant oil and gas, so diesel portable air compressors have a big potential market because there are many drilling equipments. But this time we want to share a special point for drilling equipment, we realized that it is not only mobile type air compressors suiting for drilling machine, but also stationary type compressors, one of our customers coming from Kuwait selected refrigerated air dryer DAD-20HTF and DENAIR DA-55 stationary electrical motor driven screw compressor used for rig plant.

Screw Compressor used for Rig Plant

Voltage: 575v,3p,60hz
Air flow: 8.8m3/min
Working pressure: 10bar
Power: 55kw/75hp

Voltage: 600v,3p,60hz.
Air flow: 25m3/min
Working pressure: 4-13bar
Power: 4kw/5hp

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