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DENAIR compressor - energy saving starting from control system

What is DENAIR compressor joint control mode?

It is two or more compressors in a joint-pipes connected way, setting one air compressor as Master, another ones as Slave while also setting different loading and unloading pressures on different units. Once whole lines start, compressors will be on or off according to real-time air consumption, which will save much power in this way.

DENAIR belt screw air compressor is with almost 1:1 ratio between air end pulley and motor pulley, hence its driven efficiency is good, no need to adjust motor speed in overburden condition, better protecting motor and longer service life it will be.

DENAIR energy saving compressor,compressor control system

Besides, DENAIR also supply VSD air compressors, compressors with inverter to adjust rotation speed accordingly, low power consumption and noise, welcome your inquiry for DENAIR energy-saving air compressors.

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