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VSD rotary screw air compressors are popular in Lebanon

As we all know, Lebanon’s electric cost is very expensive, and the electric current is not stable in the whole day, therefore more and more Lebanon customers required variable speed driven VSD rotary screw air compressor, due to its lower starting electric current and energy saving, this kind of air compressor is very popular in this market.

VSD screw air compressors, VSD screw air compressors in Lebanon

Let us make a clarification what advantages the DENAIR VSD screw air compressors have;

1.Available air flow

2.Energy saving

3.Low noisy

4.Low starting current, reduce the sharp shock to the electric net.

5.Stable pressure.

For example Let’s show you how much DVA-37( VSD type) air compressor can save compare with DA-37( fix speed)

30% unloading time * (37KW *45% un-load current losses in the unloading time) *8000hours running per year X 0.1 USD/KW.H

= 30%*37*45%*8000*0.1


It means if you choose DVA-37(VSD type) screw air compressor, they could save 

3996 USD/YEAR !!! Compared with DA-37( fix speed)

Because: VSD model almost does not exist "unloading", so no "wasting money".

On 19th Dec. 2019, one of our Lebanon customers visited DENAIR factory and paid high interest in our VSD variable speed drive air compressors, they will use this air compressor in their factory for PET application.

VSD screw air compressors, VSD screw air compressors in Lebanon

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