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Air compressor regular maintenance - lubricating oil

For DENAIR oil-injected type air compressor, once running time reach 500 hours, need to replace the lubricating oil.

Air compressor regular maintenance, Air compressor lubricating oil

Following are some notes when doing the maintenance:

1.Usually, we suggest to use the Semi-synthetic type lubricating oil, 46#.

2.For a new air compressor, you should take all oil out of oil gas tank, air end and oil cooler first, then add the new oil into the tank, must make sure the oil level is close or atop of the red line on oil Level Indicator which is mounted outside the tank.

3.For the machine that has already working, after check the oil is not enough, please kindly add the oil between the two red lines, then it's enough.

4.During the air compressor loading, the oil level might drop below the red line, this is the common sign, no need worry about that. When the machine stopped, the oil level will return to the middle of two red lines spontaneously.

5.Note: Two different type lubrication oil can not mix together, will effect the machine usage and service life.

Replace the lubricating oil as our Maintenance Schedule is very necessary, once the oil become worse, the lubricating system will surely effected, and oil content of compressed air will be much higher.

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