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How to maintain the screw compressor chassis?

Screw air compressor regular maintenance, not only can guarantee the normal operation of the machine, but also can extend the life of the machine.

When many users and air compressor manufacturers in the maintenance of the screw air compressor, often overlooked on the screw air compressor chassis maintenance and repair, in fact, the screw air compressor chassis maintenance is very important, the following list is screw air compressor chassis maintenance methods:

How to maintain the screw compressor chassis

1. First of all to stop the machine, wait till the model completely cooling down and make sure the pressure is out;

2. Open the chassis, check the bolt to see if it is loose.

3. Look at the internal parts of the surface, check whether there is wear.

4. Check carefully the loose place to see if the gap is uniform, whether there is wear and tear; and then to check the inside and outside of chassis to see if there are cracks.

5. Use a wrench to pry the connecting parts of the balance iron to see if these parts are loose.

These five steps are screw air compressor chassis maintenance methods, the regular maintenance and repair is very important for screw air compressor.

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