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The function of lubrication oil in air compressor

Keep air compressor in top condition by using the right air compressor lubrication oil. Good lubrication oil makes your air compressor run nice and smooth.

lubrication oil in air compressor,The function of lubrication oil in air compressor

Using the right air compressor oil for your air compressor is very important. You can not just use your cars oil or hydraulic oil. Air compressor oil is not there just for lubrication, it has a few important functions:

It removes heat from the compression

It works as a sealing to prevent air leakage

It lubricates all moving parts

It’s used to cool important parts of the compressor element

Running on a too high temperature for a too long time, the lubrication oil will form a thin layer on the entire inside of your compressor such as pipelines, cooler, and compressor elements etc., will effect the whole performance of the air compressor. So it is important to prevent the lubrication oil working under high temperature. Do not let your compressor run too hot, and use the special compressor oil to resist these high temperatures.

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