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How to Choose an air compressor in 5 questions

Although the number of air compressor choices can be overwhelming, selecting the right one can be made easy by asking a few important questions.

What is the application?

Air compressors are used for a wide range of jobs — from inflating tires to powering tools to operating a factory. The application will determine the type of air compressor you need. For example:

How to Choose an air compressor

What air tools will you be using?

Some air tools require more air than others. This is measured by standard cubic feet per minute (scfm). There are several steps you can take to select the appropriate air compressor based upon your tools.

How often will you use the air compressor?

If you plan on regular use — several times a week — then select an air compressor with a 50/50 duty cycle, such as a portable cast iron or contractor air compressor.

For daily commercial or industrial use, select an air compressor with a higher duty cycle, such as high performance cast iron, single stage, two stage, or rotary screw compressors.

What type of power is available?

Do you have plans for future expansion?

If there are plans to expand the business or operation in the near future, and these plans will require more air, it’s less expensive to buy up to the next larger air compressor now than to purchase a second compressor in the future.

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