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DENAIR water lubricated oil free air compressor

There is 56-year history for water lubricated single screw air compressor since 1960, when the French B.Zimmern proposed the idea of single screw compressor and obtained a patent. DENAIR is one of the few manufacturers that can independently produce high performance water lubricated oil free compressor in China, and get related patents.

 DENAIR Water Lubricated Oil Free Air Compressor

The main components of DENAIR water lubricated oil free compressor are as below:

DENAIR Water Lubricated Oil Free Air Compressor

Air End
Single screw made of 304 stainless steel
Star wheel made of PEEK plastic
Newly designed with less pipelines

Air Intake Valve
Material: fluorine coating
Longer service time and higher efficiency

Air Filter
Material: dry type paper filter
Filter precision: 5μm

Water Air Tank
Material: stainless steel
High separation efficiency for water and air: up to 99%

Full stainless steel
No corrosion
No pollution
High reliability

After Cooler
Air cooling method: for 7.5~45KW, with copper pipe
Water cooling method: for 7.5~250KW, with plate cooler, high heat transfer coefficient

Water Filter
Material: metal mesh
Filter precision: 10μm

Water Softener
Material: resin particle
Necessary parts for 55~250KW

Intelligent Control System
Fault alarm light
Multi-machine interlock
Remote control (Customized)
Multi-language (English, French, Russian, Spanish, etc.)
Maintenance alert
Fault record (Warning, Halting)

All of these high quality parts above ensure longer service time and higher operating efficiency. DENAIR water lubricated oil free air compressor—the high productivity choice.

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