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Air compressor in cement industry

Air compressor plays an important role of providing compressed air for almost every application including but not limited to material conveying, material mixing, cement bag clean and seal, lifting and pneumatic device.

For the application of material conveying and material mixing, it generally requests large air delivery and low working pressure 2-3bar, and water cooling is preferable since air cooling will lead to unexpected spark during production whose working environment is surrounded with large amount of powder

Air compressor in cement industry

For lifting and pneumatic device mostly the valves which controlled by compressed air to open and close, it will request oil free air compressor to preventing the mixture of power and oil from blocking the valves, in this condition, the working pressure of oil free compressor will be around 8bar.

In a medium size cement factory, compressors with capacity is more than 90kw, 2 units or 3 units combined to provide compressed air. For big size cement factory, centrifugal compressor will be good choice.

The customer nowadays is paying more attention on the energy saving features of air compressor, PM VSD compressor will be the first choice for them that will save a large amount of power.

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